Lemon Drops Art Studio "Customs" Price List


Base price $350 Includes: *Base color *2 accent colors * Basic theme

Additional options: Basic wings: $10 *Exclusive fabric or fantasy film *hand painted *Finishing accents

Dynamic wings $20 *Exclusive fabric or faux leather material *Hand painted *Mixed media accents (gemstone/crystal gel accents, feathers, faux fur, etc)

Dynamic Features $10 *Extra horns *Multicolor belly scales *Faux fur accents *Sculpted hair *Antlers *Artist grade glitter/holo *Full body hand painted details *More than 3 Small crystals *Large crystals

Dynamic theme $30 *Fandom *more than 5 miniatures or a larger accent piece *need for a base or furniture *Anything with a multitude of feathers *Anything with sculpted clothing

Dynamic pose: $50-$75 *Portraying “movement” *Jumping, flying *Armature requirement *Sculpted wings

Dynamic character $50 *Animals I do not sculpt regularly *Feather winged creatures

Projects start after receiving 50% of total cost, minus shipping. This deposit is non-refundable. If something occurred that prevents you from completing payment, please contact me. I can not refund your deposit, as it covers time and materials already invested in your project, however, I try to work around special circumstances in the event that payment disruptions occur. You can make payments on any increment, at any time up until due date.