Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions I get asked.

Please read through this FAQ and each creature's listing in their entirety, before contacting me or adopting.  

❤️ What is polymer clay? Polymer clay is an oil based clay that turns hard like plastic when it is baked in the oven. It is water resistant and very sturdy. (Other elements attached to clay such as hair, paint, pigments, etc may not be water proof. I do not recommend submerging any art piece into water.) 

💜How long will it take my order to ship? * To do my part and decrease my chances of spreading COVID, I am limiting trips to the post office to once per week - generally on mondays. I try my best to have every order shipped out within 7-10 business days. (On ready to ship pieces) If your order is a pre-order, these times will be longer. If you purchased a ready to ship item, it’ll ship within 7-10 business days. Pre-orders (when offered) generally take 6-12weeks to make, once they have been made, they will take 7-10 business days to ship.

💙 Do you accept returns? I do not accept returns. I take every precaution to ensure safe travels for your newly acquired Muse. If it has been damaged during the shipping process, your piece has been fully insured with the USPS and you can file a claim for a full refund😊    

🧡 Why is your shop sometimes empty? When will your next update be? Shop updates vary, but they are always posted a few days in advance. (please check my Instagram) I try my best to consistently keep Muse illustrations ie: stickers and keychains in stock at all times. However because each and every Muse I create is done by hand from beginning to end, this takes time. I will update as often as I can. Updates are usually on Fridays at 12pm EST. I always announce an update 3-5 days ahead of time with daily reminders on my Instagram.  

💚 Do you ship internationally? (Due to current postal shipping restrictions, I am only selling to the US, Canada and Mexico) Yes, I do ship internationally. Shipping prices are based on the weight of the package averaging between $30-$50. (Depending on which country I’m shipping to and the costs) All international packages come with a tracking number and insurance. Please keep in mind that International Shipping is a long process and can take up to 8 weeks to reach you. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any import fees, VAT, customs or taxes regulated by or calculated by your country as I have no way of knowing these fees. Shipping prices are calculated at checkout.  

⭐️ Do You accept customs? How do I order a custom? What about customs of creatures other than Muses? I do accept customs, but I'm not always open for customs. Generally, if I am ready to take custom orders, spots will be added to my shop during regular shop updates. Custom slots are a first come first serve. I do not hold a waiting list for anyone.  If you want to order a custom the first step you should take is to figure out exactly what you want. Reference pictures are great (I WILL NOT RECREATE ANOTHER ARTIST'S WORK) Take a look at my portfolio, (on Instagram) if you need to and figure out the details you are wanting on your Muse. I have a FULL price list dedicated to custom orders, please read through it (link is in my link tree) please read through it to be certain a custom order is right for you. Once you have a good idea of what you want, reach out to me via email (preferable: email) or DM on Instagram/Facebook and we can discuss the finer details of your piece, pricing and timeline of execution. Please be aware, that does not mean I will accept all custom requests. ** I do reserve the right to deny a request if I do not think I will be able to do your vision justice. In the case that I do deny your request I will offer alternative ideas or recommend you to another artist. If I do accept a custom from you I will require the payment in full before I begin sculpting.  

💛  I wanted an item in your shop and someone adopted it before me! Can you make me the same sculpture? Sometimes items can sell out fast, but I do not replicate my art. I can create one that is similar, but I will never guarantee that it will be an exact replica considering their handmade nature. This also ensures that each of my art pieces are one of a kind!   

💖 If you have a sculpture in your shop and I want it, but I can't afford it right now will you reserve it for me? No, it wouldn’t be fair to myself or other customers if I reserved my pieces.  

💔 If I send you pictures of someone else's work will you replicate it?

**No, this is wrong on every level. I could create something with a similar theme, in my style, but I will never copy someone else’s artwork that they have spent years developing**  

❤️ How do you price your items? Do you accept payment plans? I price my figures based on several factors: Size, level of detail/design, pose, materials and the number of hours it takes me to finish a piece. I try to price my pieces fairly and at an affordable rate for the time and care I put into them. Payment plans can be completed at checkout through ShopPay. This is a new feature through Shopify and is interest free.

A rough estimate of my prices (prices can be higher or lower, depending on each specific art piece):

Museling - $175-$200

Muse - $200-$225

Muse Fantasy Edition - $275-$300

DreamWeaver - $225-$275

Nightmare -$273-$300

*Muse-DreamWeaver-Nightmare Exotic Edition - $1000 and up  

🖤How often do you have auctions/mystery 📦? I try to have at least one monthly auction but sometimes they may vary. Auctions will be held on Instagram. I try to have at least 1 mystery box bimonthly, but again they may sometimes vary. I am the only person sculpting these babies from start to finish and sometimes life disrupts my plans and I can’t get as much finished as I’d like. I always try my best.❣️  

💝 Do you have pre-orders? Currently I do not offer preorders. If that changes I will post updates on my Instagram  

❤️ Do you offer local pickup? I do not. A delivery receipt with tracking is required.  

❤️‍🩹 I received my Muse today and it was damaged upon delivery, what should I do? First off, don’t panic. Be sure to take photos of the packaging as well as the damage to the piece of art. Send as many photos as you can because they can help if we need to file a claim at the post office. I send all of my sculpted pieces via USPS Registered-Priority (the highest method available for accountability) your piece is insured for 100% of your purchase price and will be refunded via USPS. I will work with you every step of way to make it right❣️You can send messages here; (email, instagram, facebook).  

💛 Custom and personalized orders 💛 Lemon Drops Art Studio reserves the right to reproduce custom made items. I also reserve the right to photograph all items I create and may use them at my discretion for advertising or as examples inside my listings. All photos of completed work are property of Lemon Drops Art Studio and cannot be used without my permission.

***COPYWRITE*** Lemon Drops Art Studios is a registered trademark. The Muse design is © 2015 Lemon Drops Art, Alicia Eskanos

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Reproduction, modification, distribution or replication without the PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION of Lemon Drops Art, Alicia Eskanos is strictly prohibited!